RDrive As Robotic Actuator

Robotic Actuator

The possible applications of servo motors are numerous and can be found in toys, radio-controlled models, cars, and commercial aircraft. At Rozum Robotics, we also explore the use of servos as robotic actuators, taking advantage of their ability to ensure accurate motion control.


Low Voltage




  • An integrated controller and two position feedback encoders to enable high-precision control of angular positioning and motion speed in a robot arm or robotic hand.
  • With a fitted gearbox into their housing, RDrive servo motors produce high-torque output, increasing the payload capacity of a robot.
  • Due to their closed-loop motion system, our robotic actuators can provide quick response—an important capability for a collaborative robot that needs to react fast to changing conditions.
  • Our servos are robust enough to be used in an industrial robot arm or robotic hand, yet compact and lightweight, which reduces the overall load on your machine.
  • The hollow-shaft design allows for their easy integration into various robotic configurations: communication cables go inside the housing.

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