Pulse Robotic Arm

Collaborative Robot

Collaborative robot by Rozum Robotics is an arm-manipulator intended for automation of industrial enterprises. Rozum Robotics cobot is capable of effective manipulation in repetitive tasks at various enterprises. At the same time, the cobot is absolutely safe, doesn't require costly protective caging and is allowed to work in diret contact with a human.


Low Voltage




Low weight 


Cobot total weight is 9,5 kilo. It's much lighter compared to other models. Low weight empowers you to easily move the cobot around the enterprise. 


Compact size

Cobot can be easily mounted at a conveyor belt as well as on a common table. 


Modular construction


Cobot consists of self-designed servomotors and alluminium connecting elements. In case of necessity, appropriate module (motor) gets replaced. Meanwhile, according to conducted research, Rozum Robotics servomotors lifetime is 35 000 hours of non-stop work. 


Intuitive Software


To programm Rozum Robotics cobot one doesn't need specific knowledge. Everybody can start programming a cobot in less than 30 minutes. 


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