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Rdrive With Position Encoders

Position Encoders

Rozum Robotics has created a closed-loop motion control system with two position encoders integrated into the RDrive servo motors.

The design designates a command that goes to the motor sending a feedback signal with position and speed data coming back. It is the intended purpose of the position encoders to provide the feedback.

The devices convert the mechanical motion into electrical signals and transmit the signals to a controller (or another control device). In this way, the encoders enable tracking the position or speed of a motor.


Low Voltage




  • The devices can function in dirty and dusty environments¬†and when exposed to other non-ferromagnetic contaminants.
  • The allowable air gap is up to 4mm.
  • They are resistant to heat, humidity, shock, and vibration.
  • The encoders are compact, low-cost, and robust (require no casing for heavy-duty applications).
  • The encoders have no moving parts.
  • The devices can be adapted to fit a specific application¬†¬†

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