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RDrive Motors As Industrial Servos

Industrial Servos

With our RDrive servo motors, Rozum Robotics aims at implementing an efficient approach to driving manufacturing equipment to achieve a fast, stable, and accurate production flow. We believe that a quality motor can make a big difference in the way machinery performs, directly impacting the overall efficiency of business performance and the quality of production output.


Low Voltage





Compact and light-weight                                                             



  • RDrive servo motors provide a power output of up to 500 W and an efficiency of over 70%.

Hollow-shaft design and small size 


  •  Simplified integration of our servo motor into your machinery.
Harmonic drive gearbox                     
  • It itegrated into our industrial servo and adjusts the rotation speed and the torque output to meet the requirements of your application. Matching the inertia of the motor and load, it also helps to improve the overall operational efficiency.


A built-in controller and two 19-bit absolute encoders                                        


  • Ensure a dynamic response to control commands, high-precision positioning, and high repeatability rates. As a result, you get an enhanced quality of production output that is increased throughout your machines.


Feedback from encoders   
  • Provides you with valuable diagnostic data on the servo operation parameters, such as torque and speed. The information can help to improve troubleshooting capabilities and implement preventive maintenance.


  • A number of RDrive servos can be combined into a CAN network, allowing you to control multiple operations from a single device.


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