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Future Robotix is a California Limited Liability Company. Formerly a division of Convergence Promotions, the leading provider of electronics and semiconductor ecosystems, Convergence forged new inroads in surgical and medical robotics with their introduction of RoboDrive into the US Market. In 2018 Convergence formed Future Robotix, to advance their vision of a technology driven provider of electronic and mechatronic robotic design, and a supplier of precision motors, drives and other components in North America. In May, 2018, Future Robotix contracted with two world-class manufacturers to distribute and support their products in North America:

Servotecnica SpA

For almost 40 years, Servotecnica has provided the industrial, automation, robotics and motion- control industry with exceptional products and services. With corporate headquarters and manufacturing based in Milan, Italy, the company provides a wide range of products, including: linear and rotary servomotors, digital and analog drives, axis controllers, gear motors, linear and rotary transducers, slip rings/rotary joints and servo-actuators. For more information about Servotecnica: www.servotecnica.com

Halodi Robotics

Located in Dilling, Ostfold, Norway, Halodi Robotics is the start of the home robot revolution. Halodi´s vision is to provide a vast number of robots to the mass market. They believe the time is right for Eve, a robot that is affordable for ordinary people, with strength and reach to do useful work. Their concept is that of simplified, but capable and very high quality mechanics paired with a cloud “brain” that enables very advanced data processing, cross learning and continuous upgrading of the functionality. www.halodi.com

Rozum Robotics

Rozum Robotics is an international robotics company headquartered in Minsk, Belarus, and manufactures precision brushless motors and cobots. The majority of the components in Rozum’s housed motors, including frameless AC motors, controllers and encoders, are designed and manufactured by Rozum. For information about Rozum Robotics: www.rozum.com

Kubo Robotics

KUBO Technologies is an innovative startup which developes motor kits and servo drives for robotics, mechatronics and factory automation. Our team has over 12 years experience in design of robotic manipulators, mobile platforms, power elecronics, plasma systems, lasers and electric drives: www.kubotechnologies.com

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